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As February is nearly over the Month of March has been incorporated with this newsletter so members can note the many ‘happenings’ in their diaries and so not miss out on any important events.


25 February   (Saturday)   –        Virtual Rottnest Swim and Rottnest Channel Swim

  3 March      (Saturday)   –        30th Barrett Bunbury Swim Thru 1600 m

  3 March       (Saturday)   –        Round 2 Club Championships

  4 March      (Sunday)      –        Club Coogee Breakfast swim        

 * 4/5 March  (Sat/Sun)     –        2012 State Championships – Bunbury

  5 March      (Monday)     –        Swimming WA OWS Trigg Beach – 250m, 750m, 1.25km &                                                        2.5km

11 March        (Sunday)      –        Coogee Jetty to Jetty – 750m & 1.5km

24 March       (Saturday)   –        MSWA State OWS Coogee Beach 2000 & 1000m

25 March         (Sunday)       –           Club Aerobics – Armadale Pool

For further information regarding any of the swims listed above please see Jeff, Gillian or Heather.


Please note also events early part of April –

1 April              –           Geraldton Toyota Ocean Mile – Town Beach, Geraldton

14/17 April       –           National Championships in Adelaide

                                    (Fettes is asking if anyone is interested in going to please contact him

                                    9 356 4937 or


Club Championships:

17 swimmers turned up for round one of the club championships.  Instead of the usual 200m freestyle and 50m choice, swimmers this year get to choose what stroke they would like to swim.  I don’t know if certain swimmers have a tactical plan to gain points but certain swimmers are doing a 200m backstroke and a certain someone who has a very sore back swam a 200m breaststroke.  The mind boggles.

We had a total of 8 PB’s  and 4 club records with special mentions to Linda for a PB in the 200m freestyle, Fettes for a PB in his 50m breaststroke and setting a new club record for both his 50m breaststroke and his 200m freestyle, Yvonne Hunt for a PB in the 200m freestyle and 50m backstroke, Heather Jeps for swimming a PB for 200m breaststroke and setting a new club record and Jeff for swimming a PB for 200m backstroke and 50m freestyle.

Congratulations to new members Zita and Louw for swimming in their first club championships, hopefully we haven’t scared them off and they will come back for more.

A big thank you to Graham Cragg for starting each race (give a man a whistle and you give him power) and to Graham Hicks and Charles for organizing the event.

The next club championships are on the 3rd March when we get to swim 2 lots of 100m choice. Maybe someone would like to take up the challenge of swimming 100m fly, now that would be interesting.


I believe for the first time ever everyone who turned up for Saturday’s training session actually swam an aerobics swim, all nineteen of us. Congratulations to Simon for completing his first 1500m swim and he did this after just getting over the flu!, Louw for swimming his first 400m breaststroke and setting a new club record, Yvonne Lovegrove for swimming a PB for 400 freestyle and setting a new club record, Graham Hicks for swimming a PB for 400m backstroke and setting a new club record, Gillian for swimming a PB for 1500m backstroke and setting a new club record, Colin for setting a new club record for 800m freestyle and Heather Jeps for setting a new club record for 400m breaststroke.

Open Water Swims:

After singing the national anthem a number of us took to the water to swim 2km swim on Australia Day at Scarborough beach.  I still remember Greg’s shocked faced when he stood up at the end of the swim to see myself, Gillian standing just behind him.  But like the gentleman he is after being dunked by a wave he helped me up and held my hand to finish over the finish line together.  I did feel sorry for poor Graham Hicks not only was he beaten by me but Charles as well (men and their ego’s).  A special mention goes to Jacqui for swimming her first big open water swim.  After the swim we all enjoyed a well-deserved breakfast at the Dome.

At this year’s Busselton Jetty Swim there were only a small number of us representing Armadale.  Myself Gillian, Charles and Heather Croft, Liz, Ross, Craig, Colin swam the solo and Jannette Edwards did a duo with her son. Unlike last year conditions were a lot smoother and no one was sick and only a few of us had stinger marks.  Well done to everyone who took up the challenge. To see a full report look on the club’s website.

Be Active Club Challenge:

Our first Be Active Club challenge was held at Newman College on the 12th February with Armadale finishing 7th out of the 11 clubs competing.  Overall there were 9 PB’s and 10 club records set. Congratulations to everyone who swam and for those who picked up a raffle prize.

Give a thought to poor old Fettes the Lettuce.  As we sat in the stands watching the next event, thinking this should be interesting as Colin is swimming with Fettes in the 50m freestyle.  We saw Colin in a state of panic pointing and yelling as he was preparing to get on the block, where’s Fettes? As we looked across to the marshalling area we all could see Fettes taking a stroll in what looked like in a total world of his own. Colin still trying to get Fettes’ attention and trying to explain to the ref, was told to shut up and get on the block.  Looking over at Fettes, still in a world of his own, the race had already started without him.  Finally, as Fettes was asked for his disc back, the penny dropped and he finally realized that he had missed his swim.  Looking dazed and confused he kept pacing back and forth.  At this point of time all our club members sitting in the stands were not watching what was happening in the pool but all eyes were on Fettes to see what he was going to do next.  Fettes didn’t disappoint, going up to every official, and I mean every official to get his point across.  We all thought he finally was laying the matter to rest as he started to walk back to the stands but alas, he did a u turn and walked up to another official.  Come back I said, let it go and feel the love from your team mates but the determined Fettes was on a mission.  When he finally decided to come back to the stands we all just shook our heads waiting to see what he was going to say.  I must admit I knew his first words were going to be bloody bastards and Fettes didn’t disappoint.  He started to explain how there was a malfunction with the announcing microphone and was told there were still heats to swim before him.  Poor Fettes, everyone knows when swimming in 50m freestyle the heats are quick and you need to be ready.  His final words were- “I’ll get the bastards back.   I’ll get my share of the sausage sizzle and win the raffle” which actually happened!  I don’t know what he was trying to achieve, maybe he thought the officials might say you poor man, you missed your swim let’s put on another heat just for you.  To make matters worse Jeff tied a rope around his wrist to make sure he didn’t miss his relay swim.  Spare a thought for Colin who, when swimming his 50m freestyle, could only think about how Fettes missed his swim.  PS watch this space, I’m sure Fettes the Lettuce will have a comeback to my story!

Virtual Rotto Swim:

On Saturday 25th February is the Virtual Rotto swim. Make sure you bring sunscreen, a hat, a fold away chair, enough towels to get you through the day, plenty of water and something to eat. If you have any questions please ask one of our wonderful coaches. Good luck to Greg and Ross who will be swimming the Rottnest Channel Swim.  This is a dream come true for Ross as he originally joined the club 5 years ago to take part in this event.

Gillian Caruso

Vice Captain


The Annual General Meeting is fast approaching – 17 March at 10.30 am in the club rooms at Armadale Pool.

Nominations are being called to form a new committee for 2012 and this is a great opportunity for interested members to join the committee to participate, unite and strengthen the club by your input and ideas in running and ensuring the ongoing success of Armadale Masters Swimming Club.  Please contact Heather Jeps on – 9390 5228 or

We ask that members please attend – morning tea will be served as usual.



The committee has requested some new ideas from members regarding club t shirts etc.

If anyone does have any suggestions please pass them on to the committee.

(Graham Cragg’s long sleeved white shirt was popular – so what about – white shirt with a green collar and logo, perhaps a track suit (which we had some years ago).

THE LAST WORD honours our Super Woman President – Liz’s Folly – where is a man when he is needed!! 

Some not so useful advice from Graham to our Hon President when she was unable to attend the last committee meeting.

“I wouldn’t have thought it would be that hard at your place, just straddle the railway sleeper at the top of the drive and push off. Then when you reach the required spot, just put your feet on the ground and stop, easy!!!”

Make from that what you will or just ask Liz?!!

THE REALLY LAST WORD from Lane 8 – thanks to Jeannette for representing our lane in the Busselton Jetty Swim.

                                                                                                Until next time…………………



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