Armadale Masters Swimming Club trains at the Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre.

Normal training times are as below and you are most welcome to join us:

Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:20PM to 7:30PM

Saturday mornings from 8:20AM to 9:30AM

March 2023 Club Calendar and Coaching Roster

February 2023 Club Calendar and Coaching Roster

Q & A regarding training

Do you have a coach?
Yes, all our coaches have minimum Masters Swimming Australia Club Coach qualification.  All our coaches are volunteers and also swim for the club at pool and open water events.

Will the coach help me with my stroke technique?
Yes.  They are most approachable.  All you have to do is ask.  Not everybody needs or wants help with their strokes, so unless you ask they will not know.

How are the sessions organised?
Swimmers of  like ability are grouped together in the same lane and appropriate sessions are provided.  Each session has a warm up period, a main set, a contrasting set and a swim down period.  On an average night the top lane will swim some 2,600m and the bottom lane about 1,600m in an hour.  If the distances sound intimidating, don’t let it put you off.  The idea is to train up to a level you feel comfortable with and to begin with you don’t have to swim every bit of the session.

Etiquette does come into play a little bit when swimming in a lane and there are therefore several Do’s and Don’ts.  In a lane swimmers should endeavour to allow a five second gap between each swimmer.  Always try to leave a gap.  Be aware of other swimmers.  If you are holding people up stop at the end of the pool to one side of the lane and allow them to overtake. If you are being held up, wait till you get to the end of the lane where that person should move to the side to allow you to overtake. Don’t try and overtake in the middle of the lane, as this is very difficult in a crowded lane and can only lead to accidents.  more

Do I have to follow the session?
Everything is negotiable. People attend the sessions for different reasons and the coaches try to cater for all requirements.  If you are carrying an injury, feeling unwell, feeling unfit or just having a bad day, allowances can and will be made.  If you do have a problem, then it is perhaps wise to inform the coach of this before commencing any session.

Is every session coached?
Yes, every session has a qualified coach on deck.  The lanes are organised by ability with a tailored training program for each session.

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