Open Water Swims and Timed Aerobic Swims

Hi Open Water and Aerobic Swimmers,

Graham and I have devised a way of recording our Open Water Swims and our Timed Aerobic Swims (½  Hour,   ¾   Hour,  and 1 Hour) on the clubs Team Manager 6.0 software programme.  I will be entering all the timed aerobic swims back to January 2008 over the next few months as Graham has all those at hand.  If you want your Open Water Swims recorded then you will have to get the results yourselves and hand them or email them to me for entering into the database.

If you ever want a copy of your swim results back to January 2008 please contact myself or Graham and we will supply you a copy.  They are a very good indicator of how your swimming is going and an invaluable tool for working out your best choice of swims for the current Club Championships format.


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