October 2010 Newsletter


From Captain Jeff

Club Captain’s Meeting/Be Active Club Challenge (BACC):
There will only be 7 BACC pool evens next year which is 2 less than this year. One of these BACC events will be a promotional event for the Bunbury club and will possibly be open for the public to participate too.
One thing that I never knew is that those who are keen can actually enter all of the events even if the club itself has not entered a team. This is still subject to the host club accepting the entry but is usually not a problem. Entries will still have to be through the club captain’s using the Team Manager system. If anyone wishes to enter any of this year’s event’s they can contact myself and I will endeavor to get them entered.
All BACC events aim to get around 150 participants per event and they also aim to get all strokes and distances offered over the year. They have also asked the host clubs to offer more mixed sex relays so smaller clubs can enter relay teams.
Next year’s BACC event calendar should be out in late November early December.
Also at the Captain’s meeting, Masters WA has asked the club captain’s to make an extra effort and promote the 2011 National Swim Carnival. They have also asked for volunteers to help run the event, it was noted that a qualified coach is qualified to be a judge of turns at a Masters event.
Another thing brought up was to encourage but not force clubs to start using Clubs Online for swimmers to register and pay using a credit card online. Several clubs are doing this and it was noted that the club would get less 6% less money if they went this way. It was also noted that it saves a lot of time for those who would normally take the fees and it saves a lot of time for Masters Swimming WA too as they would not have to process these registrations. Whilst discussing this it was brought up by one of the club captain’s’ that they have several older swimmers who are on pensions and pay in installments over the year. Masters Swimming said they would look into this.
Up and Coming Events:
Saturday 13th November. Mullaloo Beach Open Water Swim. 1.25, 2.5 & 5km.
Sunday 14th November. Lake Leschenaultia Open Water Swim 1600m.
Saturday 20th November. Swan River Open Water Swim. 1.25 & 2.5km.
Sunday 21st November. Bicton Baths Open Water Swim. 1.6 & 5km
Sunday 28th November. BACC Osborne Park at Tuart College.


From the Registrar
Now that we are back at Armadale Aquatic Centre the aerobic format changes to the longer distance swims. Starting this month we will be swimming 1500m and ½ hour aerobics and as we move into next year the ¾ and 1 hour aerobic swims are added to the program. You may swim all the longer distance aerobics in freestyle, Backstroke and breaststroke if you wish and we normally do them on a Sunday, as they take a little longer.
400m Saturday 11th September 2010 – Last Saturday saw a good rollup to the 400m aerobics with a number of our regulars back from injury, holidays etc. Thanks for completing your warm-ups and being ready to go early, which allows us the time to fit everyone’s swims in. I should point out that we did have one who was not ready to go that delayed the start. Mind you the short warm-up appeared to have a beneficial affect on Linda’s times.
Congratulations to Helen Gray who completed her first ever aerobic swim in the 400m breaststroke.
You could tell who had have their Weet-Bix for breakfast, Sue Sullivan and Linda Cragg swum PBs and Gillian Caruso, Graham Cragg and Linda Cragg produced Club Record swims. Congrats to all, lovely to see all the friendly banter and encouragement.

PB and Club Record swims
400m Freestyle Gillian Caruso -1.82 (Club Record)
Graham Cragg -3.74 (Club Record)
Linda Cragg -7.97
Sue Sullivan -2.80
400m Backstroke Graham Cragg — (Club Record)
Graham Hicks -10.57
400m Breaststroke Linda Cragg -1.89 (Club Record)

(Note: — indicates an inaugural swim in your age group)

800m Tuesday 28th September 2010 – The aerobics started with six swimmers but unfortunately two retired due to injury, so that left four. Greg Frey got carried away and did both an 800m and a 400m freestyle, just trying to show the rest of us up who only completed an 800m aerobics.
400m Saturday 9th October 2010 –We had a good rollup to aerobics on Saturday and the talk is turning to open water swimming with the first event on Sunday 31st October at Rockingham. So if you are interested, not quite sure or need to discuss it further have a talk with Captain Jeff at training.
The aerobics produced some good swims and in particular four PB swims with three setting Club Records. Graham Cragg produced two PBs that were also Club Record swims, not bad for someone just having a recovery session. John Moore chipped in with a Club Record swim and Yvonne Hunt took over 32 seconds off her 400m freestyle.
PB and Club Record swims
400m Freestyle Graham Cragg -2.30 (Club Record)
Yvonne Hunt -32.19
John Moore -1.31 (Club Record)
400m Backstroke Graham Cragg -0.49 (Club Record)

(Note: — indicates an inaugural swim in your age group)

800m Saturday 23rd October 2010 – Eight aerobic swims, five Club Records not a bad effort for the last aerobic swim at Saint Brigid’s for this year.
Graham Cragg smashed my old record by about 33 seconds. I know I’m a bit slow but that is ridiculous. Gillian Caruso established a new Club Record in her age group with a respectable 800m freestyle. John Moore swum a big PB and is now the Club Record holder after bettering Chris Millard’s old 2009 record. Greg Frey had to be content with lowering his own Club Record. The swim of the day was when Fettes Falconer swum a PB and broke Gordon Gillam’s 2008 800m freestyle Club Record by 2.10 seconds. Well-done Fettes.

PB and Club Record swims
800m Freestyle Gillian Caruso — (Club Record)
Graham Cragg — (Club Record)
Fettes Falconer -4.09 (Club Record)
Greg Frey -5.83 (Club Record)
John Moore -21.72 (Club Record)
(Note: — indicates an inaugural swim in your age group)
As we close in on the end of the aerobic season at the end of December the number of swimmers finishing off their five 400/800m swims is increasing. The table below has your aerobic points to the end of October.
65 Graham Hicks
55 Gillian Caruso
34 Jeff Sanders
30 Liz Dunn
30 Greg Frey
22 Ross Doherty
12 Chris Millard
10 Fettes Falconer
10 Yvonne Hunt
Interested In Your Swim Times
If you are interested or require any information on your swimming times, see me at training or contact me via email and I can provide you with a report from Team Manager.

Open Water Swimming Season begins
The 2010/2011 Open Water Swimming season was due to kick off at Rockingham Beach on Sunday 31 October, but following the shark attack at Garden Island the previous day, the event was cancelled. The event at Mullaloo on Saturday 13 November will now be the first for the season. This will be the first of 32 events planned between November and May to be held at various popular Perth beaches, the Swan River and country centres as far away as Albany and Geraldton.
Members who have not done open water swimming and are keen for a challenging swim and their weekend fix of sun, ocean and socialising should consider giving it a go. Distances are varied and range from 750 metres to 10 km depending on the event but the most common race distance is 1600m.
Several of the club’s members compete regularly in these events so if you are keen to find out more just ask around the club and someone will be able to help or at least have a story to tell about a particular event.
See Ross for a copy of the Open Water Swims calendar if you are interested.

New Coaches on Deck
Well done to Greg, Charles and Fettes who recently attended the Level 1 Masters Coaching course. The next phase of their training is to complete 50 hours of ‘deck time’ and this has already started with both Greg and Charles taking evening sessions. No doubt Fettes will also soon don the stopwatch.
Don’t forget to encourage and thank these guys for giving up their own training session for the opportunity to put something back into the club.

Articles or Photos required
If you’ve got some news that belongs in the Monthly Newsletter or have some photos that you think would be suitable, let Ross know because sometimes it is a struggle to fill the pages.

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