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We know that everyone checks their Calendars which Jeff so diligently works out each month but set out in the newsletter below is a reminder of upcoming events of  interest to club members –  OWS, BACCs, State Championships as well as our own Club Coogee swims.  Look forward to seeing a lot of members participating in these events and good luck.

From the Coach Co-ordinator

Numbers at training have been very pleasing throughout December and January with the expected drop off around Christmas.  We had 16 swimmers for Aran’s coaching clinic on Saturday 24 December.  As a coach and swimmer I got a lot out of Aran’s coaching and the feedback has been very positive.  Thanks to Greg who took some shots with the underwater camera.  I think the format of ½ hour each lane with Aran works well and give everyone enough to think about without an overload.

 The Coogee Beach swim was well attended.  Thanks to Michelle for organising the buying of the food and Lexie for organising the fruit.  Also thanks to Graham for bringing his BBQ and of course the cooks.  Also thanks to the beach walkers keeping an eye on all the swimmers   Our next beach swim is scheduled for 29 January.

 I think most have registered for Busselton Jetty who want to swim so good luck to those swimmers.

 Virtual Rottnest Swim.  I have organised four teams of four and one team of ten.  Thanks to each team captain for registering your teams.  I will hand out an information sheet closer to the swim, especially useful for those  who have not participated before.

 Heather Croft


January 26 – 0WS – (Thursday)

Australia Day Swim  – Scarborough Beach 2km.

Registration – 6.45 – 7.30 am

Briefing – 7.45 am.

January 29 – Club – (Sunday)

2nd Club Coogee Swim followed by bar-b-q breakfast in the park. 

Meet outside the cafeteria on the lawn under the tree at 7.45 am. 

Breakfast follows the swim and the cost is $5 per head.  To assist with catering would members participating in this most enjoyable morning please let Heather know (as before) and pay me (Lexie) prior to the event.  If you can’t find me you can ring me to register your interest – 9 398 6857 or notify me on lepete@bigpond.com.au and I will catch up with you.                                                                                                                   

February 4 – 0WS – (Saturday)

Cottesloe to Swanbourne Ocean Classic Swim Thru – Cottesloe Beach to Swanbourne Beach – 2200m

 February 5 – 0WS – (Sunday)

Busselton Jetty Swim 2012 – 3.6 kms.

Always a good event!  Members will be gathering at Sandy Bay Caravan Park at the barbeque area for a barbecue tea at 6.00 pm on Saturday 4th.  For those unfamiliar with arrangements this is a BYO – ie drinks/barbecue necessities.

February 11 – Club – (Saturday)

Club Championships – Armadale

February 12 – BACC – (Sunday)

BACC – Newman Churchlands

Entries can be sent via email or see Gillian or Jeff at the pool.  Entries must be in by Saturday 28 January.

 February 18 – Club – (Saturday)


February 25 – (Saturday)

Virtual Rottnest Swim – Armadale

 Heather will hand out information sheets closer to the swim.

 For further information regarding any of the swims listed above please see Jeff, Gillian or Heather.

 From the Coaches

The coaches hope that everyone had a great Christmas and are now looking forward to a year ahead with aerobic swims, club championships, interclubs, ocean swims and the Virtual Rottnest swim.   We  wish everyone good luck and hope that the year is filled with friendship, fun and fitness and  just a little competitiveness.

 Results of the 2011 Presentation Awards.

Club Championships

Female – 1st Jenny Findlay, 2nd Gillian Caruso, 3rd Linda Cragg.

Male – 1st Jeff Sanders, 2nd Charles Croft, 3rd Graham Hicks.


Female – 1st Gillian Caruso, 2nd Heather Croft, 3rd Liz Dunn

Male – 1st Graham Hicks, 2nd Charles Croft, 3rd Ross Doherty

Open Water

Female – 1st GillianCaruso, 2nd Heather Adams, 3rd Heather Croft

Male – 1st Charles Croft, 2nd Ross Doherty, 3rd  Graham Hicks.

 Training Award – Greg Frey

Dave Green Award – Colin Gibson

Year Badges

                          5 years, Ross Doherty, Graham Hicks

                  15 years – Ann Kosick, Fettes Falconer

                        20 years – Heather Adams, Jennifer Findlay

State Records – Graham Cragg – 50m, 100m, 400m and 800m Breastroke.


Eleven swimmers swam the first aerobic session of the year (8 January).  Congratulations to Jannette Edwards for completing her first 1500m freestyle swim and setting a new club record, Gillian Caruso for swimming a PB and setting a new club record in the 1500 freestyle, new member Louw Anderson for his determination and setting a club record in 400m freestyle and to Lexie for completing her first 400m freestyle since 2008.

 Open Water Swims

A small number of our swimmers are braving the sharks and swimming a number of ocean swims.  If you haven’t already heard we were about to swim in the Scarborough to Trigg ocean swim and the sirens started – there was not just one shark but three and the swim was cancelled.  The only good thing was Gillian managed to win a spot prize without having to swim.

 Charles seems to be getting faster every time he swims and spare a thought for Greg Frey who recently swam the 2km Davey Sunset Coast Swim at Scarborough and he was registered as not swimming.  Congratulations to Gillian who won her age group in the same event.

 Good luck to all swimmers competing in the Xstrata Nickel Swim Thru Perth in the Swan River, the Australia Day swim  at Scarborough beach and the Busselton Jetty Swim.

Don’t forget the first Club Championships is on 11 February.  This is a great opportunity to swim events that you have not done before and repeat the same event later in the year to gain points.

 Jeff and Gillian.

 From Lane 8

We welcome  in Lane 8 (for a little while at least) new member Leow.  He’s already at the front of the pack – so look out Lane 7!!  We are ‘training’ and ‘educating’ him and he is an excellent ‘pupil’ and very keen swimmer – good to see such enthusiasm.  Lane 7 will have us to thank for his good behaviour and excellent lane etiquette when he gets there!

 Our lane has a representative in the Busselton Jetty swim – Jannette is swimming this year with her son – we wish her every success as we do all the other swimmers ‘in the swim’ this year.


Everyone knows the success of any club is it’s members and their willingness to help with the running of the club.  The Annual General Meeting is being held on 17 March at 10.30 am and nominations will soon be called for positions on the committee.  PLEASE give thought to filling these positions and take the opportunity of being involved and easing the load for those who have held positions for some time now.  Nomination forms will be available  shortly.                                                                                                                                          

Reminder from our Registrar

 Please be reminded that Membership fees are due by 31 January at the latest.  An email was sent to all members with information regarding payment of fees – please refer.

Last but not the least bit ‘least’

 Sincere congratulations to Charles who has received his Club Coach Certificate – well done Charles.

 Charles will also be going through turns on Saturday next (21st) during cool down.

 It would be good to get some feedback from members from each lane to put in the newsletter each month – so  –  keep alert and please let me know of any such information which could be included – lepete@bigpond.com.au   – Thanks..  

 Until next month…….

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