November 2011 Newsletter


Captains’ Report

Club Championships:

We had a total of 15 swimmers turn up for round 9 of the club championships to swim 200m Freestyle and 50m choice.  As we swam our first 50m Freestyle in the 200m I don’t know about the rest of you, but I kept thinking where’s the end of the pool this is taking forever! I think we are still use to swimming in a 25m pool.

Congratulations to Colin And Fettes, the Limpy Lettuce, for setting two new club records for 50m Backstroke, to Linda for lowering her existing club record in the 50m Breaststroke, Ross for lowering his 50m Backstroke record and to Greg who took off an amazing four seconds off his 50m Butterfly record.  It looks like all that Butterfly training that Greg does, even in his cool down is starting to pay off.

Seven PB’s were also swam, with special mention to Jenny and Ross for swimming a PB’s in the 200m Freestyle and to Yvonne Hunt for swimming a PB in the 50m Backstroke.

A big thankyou to Janette who came down to help with timing and to Heather and Charles Croft for starting each race.

The next and final Club Championships will be on the 3rd December, when we get to repeat the 200m Other and 50m Freestyle.


If you are considering finishing all your five swims to be in the run for the aerobics trophies who are running out of time.  Please look at the November calendar for the opportunity to complete your swims.

Congratulations to Charles, Ross, Colin and Graham Hicks for setting new club records for 1500m Freestyle in a 25m pool and to Greg for swimming a new club record and taking an amazing 54 seconds off his 1500m Freestyle.

Congratulations to all swimmers who have now completed all their five swims.

Be Active Club Challenge (BAAC):

Our next BACC is this Sunday the 27th November at Tuart Hill.  Good luck to all swimmers who are participating.

Open Water Swims:

The open water series is well on the way. Congratulations to Charles and Gillian who won their age group in the Hella BB River Swim and to Ross who got back in the nick of time, after getting cappuccinos for Gillian and himself, who won a spot prize.

Spare a thought for poor Greg who was about to do an open water swim at Mullaloo Beach, he even had his feet in the water ready to go, but due to a shark being reported nearby all swimmers had to get out of the water.  Now that’s scary!


Don’t forget about the presentation dinner coming up on the 10th December at Roley’s on the Ridge.  If you haven’t yet paid please give your money to Linda.

Up and coming events:

27th November Be Active Club Challenge (BAAC) Tuart College, Tuart Hill hosted by Osborne Park

3rd December Club Championships Round 10

3rd December Swim thru Rottnest 1.6km

10th December Fremantle Ports Swim Thru 400m + 1.6km (Freo Masters)

10th December Christmas Function and Awards Presentation (7.00pm onwards)

17th December Tower to Tower Swim Thru 1.8km Trigg Island SLSC

Gillian Caruso

Vice Captain


Captain’s Report

Farewell or is it?

We said goodbye to Roger a few weekends back and thanked him for coaching us on Saturday mornings.  Roger has completed all his hours to be an accredited coach.  How will we survive without Roger? No more lane captains or hustle, hustle, but, alas, he turns up to training to coach us yet again!  I think Roger is getting a bit fond of us all and can’t keep away.  Thanks.  OK, we are all getting used to Roger too.

Club Championships:

14 swimmers turned up for round 7 of the Club Championships to swim 50m freestyle and 100m choice.  There were 5 PB’s and 7 club records set.  Congratulations to Katja for improving both her times in the 50m freestyle and the 100m breaststroke and setting 3 new club records, Liz for swimming a PB in the 100m breaststroke and setting a new club record, to Ross and Captain Jeff for swimming PB’s in the 100m backstroke and Linda for setting two new club records in the 100 IM and 25m butterfly.

After we swam our two swims we again decided to swim some 25m sprints.  We would like to thank Graham Cragg for his wonderful starts; however, the power eventually went to his head and started a 25m swim without the timers being ready.  Congratulations to everyone who swam.

The next club championship will be round 8 on the 2nd of October.


As we are approaching the end of the year more swimmers are completing their five swims.  Please check how many swims you need to complete in order to gain points for the aerobics trophy, ending in November and the National Aerobics trophy, ending in December.  If you have any concerns regarding this I am sure the guru, Graham Hicks, will be happy to answers all your questions.

Be Active Club Challenge (BAAC):

We had 11 swimmers representing Armadale at the Be Active Club Challenge at Challenge Stadium on the 11th September.  Overall we finished 7th with 94 points.  There were 11 new club records set and 10 PB’s.  Congratulations to everyone who swam with special mention to Katja and Simon who again overcame their fears. For those of you who have not swum at Challenge Stadium it can be very daunting place if swimming for the first time.

Captain Jeff won the raffle, yet again. I swear he is taking all my good luck.  Jeff was also busy taking photos which can be seen on our website.  Some of these photos are a lot to be desired and if you have a look notice there is none of Jeff himself, he is only seen in the group photo.

If you want to see all the results just check the Armadale Masters website.

The next Be Active Club Challenge will be on the 27th of November at Tuart College.  It would be great to see more swimmers representing our club.


On the 25th September don’t forget about the BBQ fundraiser at Bunnings in Maddington.  Greg has organized the roster for those who are lending a hand and for like me who are time limited why not come down for a few minutes and buy a sausage sizzle to help raise funds for our club.


Poor Captain Jeff!  As he was doing the right thing by pulling the covers over the main pool Jeff got a little carried away, lost his grip and ended up in the kiddies’ pool on top of the cover.  As everyone was laughing he still managed to get himself out and return to the task at hand.  What a captain we have.

At our traditional morning tea/breakfast after Saturday morning training Fettes was telling Jenny and me that his name rhymes with lettuce, and as a young boy was known as Fettes- the -Lettuce.  As our minds started to absorb this information Jenny asked: ‘What happens when you are not as fresh, do you become a ‘limpy’ lettuce?’ Jenny and I starting laughing. Fettes was trying to hit me on the arm! We were still laughing as Fettes was telling the rest of the group how he was having problems with his plumbing.  Just to stir the pot even more I reminded Fettes this was due to him being a limpy lettuce and although he was still trying to hit me on the arm I couldn’t help myself and added that he probably won’t be beeping his horn 8 times for Marie to stay in bed.  Sorry Fettes I thought I would share this information with the rest of the team.  Revenge is so sweet.

Up and coming events

25th September BBQ Fundraiser at Bunnings in Maddington

2nd October Round 8 Club Championships

Gillian Caruso


To all you that have read so far:

I was not trying to hit Gillo – the – Biffo on the arm! I was trying to prevent her from falling off her chair in hysterics over her own lame (limp) jokes. F. F.


Please do not miss the Sausage Sizzle Fund Raiser outside Bunnings, Maddington this Sunday 25th September. Should all go to plan we could well raise over $800 for the Club.

Thanks to Greg for the time and effort he has put in organising this event.

Further reminders:

  • Tuesday 18th October; we go back to the Armadale 50m pool
  • General Meeting; Saturday 12 October 10.30 am after swimming… to vote on our New Constitution. Be there!
  • Nutrition talk; Saturday 5th November after swimming
  • Club Xmas Function at Roley’s on the Ridge Saturday 10th December. $60 per person. Get your money to Linda ASAP. At least by end of October
  • End of November is the end of this year’s aerobics. Get yours done!
  • September birthdays:

18th Kelvin

21st Chris

28th Graham Cragg

  • We need more coaches. Any volunteers? We have 6. Very good for our small club. But, to reduce the work load, we require more. You could even get to wear a bright orange coaching cap and T shirt. Our top coach, Heather Croft, will be donning the attire when she is on deck and on the beach at our Coogee swims. See Heather for more details.
  • A number of us swimmers are going to walk the Great Wall of China. Only part of it. The Croft’s and Cragg’s are joining Lizzie and her Bush Walkers first week of the April 2012 school holidays. If you are interested in joining another group the following week see Lizzie or Greg Frey for details.
  • Win a chamois leather towel. The best design for a new Armadale Masters Logo will win a ‘shammy’. (I say: Keep the Pelican. More Power to it! F.F.)

August 2011 Newsletter

The most important walk in swimming:

It might be as little as ten meters but the walk from the changing rooms to the pool can really define your swimming.  If you’ve been learning freestyle or working on improving your stroke then you should feel proud of yourself.  Most people in the world can’t swim and many in the western world do absolutely no exercise at all.  You may not be the fastest swimmer in the world but that’s absolutely fine thank you – so start walking out onto the pool deck tall and proud. Like your mum used to say: “head up, shoulders back, chest forwards!” Adopting some positive body language and being confident in what you’re doing will make a real difference when you start swimming.  For one thing it will improve the positivity and rhythm in your stroke, which can only be good for your technique. And, if you can carry forward that shoulders back posture into your stroke you’ll start to ‘Swim Proud’ which is great for your alignment in the water.

his I got from Swim Smooth. Fettes

So get down to St Brigid’s you lot and strut your stuff.

Some quick news:

We wish Gym Junkie Jeff all the best for his Angiogram test this Thursday.

Mr Voltaren Forte Determined (GJJ)  did swim the 25 metres Butterfly not once but twice at the previous Saturday’s Club Champs. He was determined to beat his time. Now, that is dedication.

Talking about dedication.!Five of us, plus a spouse, did represent Armadale Masters Swimming at the Challenge Stadium Swimming Champions for the Disabled last Saturday afternoon. We band of Armadale timekeepers outnumbered the other clubs. So, well done you Armadallians … Liz, Lexie, Ann, Greg, Lexie’s hubby Pete and …

What ever you read from the Vice Captain in her forthcoming report, please take with a pinch of salt! The power of the pen has gone to her finger!

The most important thing about our Club is the fun we have. I got the giggles today as a result  of our great Saturday Coach, Rodger. He kept asking me … You Finish? This reminded me of a joke.  I must tell all in front of Katja.

Thanks must go to LIZZIE, our Pres. We had a great winter’s get together at Araluen, except for me … that blerry Linda stole my present ‘The Chook’(I apologise for mispronouncing chook on the night. Poor Lexie nearly had a fit, when Ross’s Ann laid a hand on my chook!!) and then our blerry Vice Captain stole my next prezzy; ‘The Duck’.

But, Lovely Lexie made good and went and purchased another Chook and  Duck. I got the Chook and Lizzie the Duck. Thanks to you Lexie and all of you. You make swimming fun.

See you  … strutting to the pool.  From Fetty/Fetz/Fettes


Captains’ Report 

15 August 2011:

Winter Dining at Araluen:

Is was great to see everyone getting together and enjoying themselves.  A big thankyou to Liz for arranging for us to use the cottage and for being the perfect hostess.  The raffle was a huge success although spare a thought for poor Fettes who lost his cock and his duck and ended up with a box of oranges and mandarins, even some of these were taken by certain members.But rest assured due to the popularity of the duck and the cock or should I say chicken can be brought, according to Lexie, at the Reject shop in Armadale Shopping Centre.

Club Championships Round 6:

We had 11 swimmers turn up for round 6 to swim 100m freestyle and 50m of their choice.  There were 4 PB’s swam and 4 new club records set. Jenny continues to impress by taking 6.4 seconds off her 100m freestyle and Katja can’t believe she set 2 new club records for 25m freestyle and 50m Backstroke, even sending her results back to Finland.

Captain Jeff decided due to finishing early that we would all try our luck at swimming a 25m choice.  Everyone still did their share of timing but when it was the next persons turn to swim they had to drop everything and run down to the other end. Captain Jeff surprised everyone by swimming not just one 25m butterfly but two. He must have taken his special pills again.

Well done to everyone who swam.

Thankyou to Heather and Charles Croft for started each race even though sometimes that whistle can be a bit dodgy.

Round 7 will be on the 3rd September (100m other and 50m freestyle).


A number of swimmers keep on impressing everyone with their times. Katja took an incredible 58 seconds off her 400m freestyle and 12 seconds off her 400m breaststroke and Charles took 15 seconds off his 400m breaststroke. Colin set a new club record for his age group for 800m freestyle lowering it by 2.5 minutes.  The old record was set in 2008.

Captain Jeff decided he was going to swim 3 lots of 400m and he swam PB’s in each one.  Must be those pills again.

It has also come to my attention that a certain committee member keeps forgetting to bring her glasses when she needs to record times for aerobic swims.  If this is not bad enough the same committee member keeps forgetting to put the yellow board down to let swimmers know they have two laps to go. I think doing aerobic swims is bad enough, but swimming extra laps, now that’s asking a bit too much.

Be Active Club Challenge (BAAC):

Our next be active club challenge is at Challenge Stadium on the 11th September 2011. Jeff has put all the details of this event on the Armadale Masters website.  This is a great opportunity for all our club members to participate and have fun.  If you are unsure about your times or are concerned about your capabilities just ask Captain Jeff and I am sure he will guide you in the right direction.

Myself, Gillian will be passing around a sheet for you to fill in your events and times but you can also send these through e-mail to Captain Jeff or to myself.

Sore point:

Apparently so I have been told swimmers are turning up late for training, especially on a Saturday morning.  Please try and make it to training on time if you can.  Also certain members are doing butterfly in their cool downs.  You know who you are.  Just remember I am just passing this information on and trying to make training a wonderful, happy place for everyone.


On the 25th September 2011 our club will be having a sausage sizzle outside Bunnings in Maddington to raise funds for the club. We are looking for volunteers to come along and help.  If you are interested in giving a hand please talk to Greg.

Trainee Coach:

If you are interested in becoming a trainee coach new courses are starting soon.  Please talk to Heather Croft regarding this.


Congratulations to Ross and Anne Doherty on the arrival of their beautiful granddaughter. It’s great to be grandparents you can love your grandchildren without the demands of being a parent. If things get to tough just give them back.


We all know how Fettes beeps his horn so his wife can start making breakfast for him, well he has recently informed me that if he beeps his horn 8 times his wife Marie doesn’t have to get out of bed.  I don’t really know what this means I will just leave it to your imagination, but maybe Fettes is expecting something more than just breakfast.

Up and Coming Events:

3rd September 2011 Round 7 Club Championships

11th September 20011 Be Active Club Challenge (BAAC) Stadium Snappers Challenge Stadium

Gillian Caruso

Vice Captain

June 2011 Newsletter

Brunch/Lunch at Greg’s:

On the 28th May a number of our members turned up at Greg Frey’s house for a wonderful barbecue.  The atmosphere was so peaceful and tranquil and a great time was had by all.  We also took this opportunity to celebrate Yvonne Lovegrove’s 70th birthday.  Yvonne has been a member of our club for a number of years and it was nice to celebrate this happy occasion.

I would also like to this opportunity to thank Greg and his wife Kay for inviting us to his lovely home and being the perfect host.

The next club function will be on the 30th July at Aspro Cottage situated in Araluen Botanic Park, time 6:30 pm.  This is a great opportunity for old and new members to get together in a relaxed atmosphere without still being in your bathers. An e-mail has been sent out to all members with the necessary information and if you do have any questions just ask Liz.

Club championships:

We had 15 swimmers turn up for round four of the club championships which is a great improvement from round three where we had only nine swimmers.

It was great to see new members Katja Cappadona and Simon Stiles take the plunge and swim in the club championships for the first time.  Simon also managed to set a new club record for his age group for 100m Breaststroke.

There was six PB’s swam by our Captain Jeff, Liz, Graham Hicks, Heather Jeps and Janette.  Yvonne Hunt swam outside her comfort zone by swimming 100m Backstroke and in the process set a new club record. There were three existing club records broken by Liz and Charles for the 100m Breaststroke and Graham Hicks for 100m Backstroke.

For those of us that didn’t swim PB’s or set new club records remember our motto Fitness, Friendship and Fun!  Doesn’t that make you feel better? Hope we are all up for the challenge and turn up for round five on the 2nd of July.


It is great to see that a number of us have taken up the challenge and started swimming in this year’s aerobic swims. I would like to have a special mention to Janette Edwards who has challenged herself by swimming 800m Breaststroke, 400m Freestyle and 400m Breaststroke, Katja Cappadona for swimming her first aerobic swim, by swimming 400m Breaststroke and to Jenny Findlay for swimming 800m Freestyle.

I feel as a club we all support and encourage each other and this really shines when we get together to swim in not only aerobic swims but all events the club participates in.

For those members who have only swam one aerobic swim try and finish the rest of your aerobic swims and gain points for yourself as well as the club.

Be Active Club Challenge Mandurah

With a lot of persuasion we had 18 swimmers compete in this event.  Although some of us were a little under the weather, Armadale still managed to finish 4th with a score of 145.  Well done to everyone that swam, with special mention to Simon Stiles, Katja Cappadona, Colin Gibson and Jannette Edwards for competing in their first interclub event.

Armadale also managed to pick up three raffle prizes that went to Jeff, Greg and Fettes. So overall I think we did very well.

On a personal note, I know that Fettes needed a confidence boost because he can’t deal with losing to a woman especially if her name is Gillian, so out of the goodness of my heart I thought as I swam next to him in the 100m Freestyle, this time I will let you win.

Good luck:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Graham Cragg good luck on 26th June.  Graham will be attempting a state record for 400m and 800m Breaststroke at Riverton Masters 400m/800m swim.


Spare a thought for Fettes poor wife Marie: On his return home from Saturday swimming there is no ’how are you darling?’, instead as he drives up he toots his horn, once for put the kettle on and twice to put the toast down.  See the lovely Marie when she is not working on a Saturday she makes Fettes his breakfast for when he returns home.

Up and coming events:

2nd July Club Championships round 5

24th July Masters Swimming Open Meet, SW Aquatic Centre Bunbury

30th July Club Function at Aspro Cottage, Araluen Botanic Park

31st July Leisure Park Short Course 400m/800m, Leisure Park Balga

Gillian Caruso


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