June 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter June 2011

Brunch/Lunch at Greg’s:

On the 28th May a number of our members turned up at Greg Frey’s house for a wonderful barbecue.  The atmosphere was so peaceful and tranquil and a great time was had by all.  We also took this opportunity to celebrate Yvonne Lovegrove’s 70th birthday.  Yvonne has been a member of our club for a number of years and it was nice to celebrate this happy occasion.

I would also like to this opportunity to thank Greg and his wife Kay for inviting us to his lovely home and being the perfect host.

The next club function will be on the 30th July at Aspro Cottage situated in Araluen Botanic Park, time 6:30 pm. This is a great opportunity for old and new members to get together in a relaxed atmosphere without still being in your bathers. An e-mail has been sent out to all members with the necessary information and if you do have any questions just ask Liz.

Club championships:

We had 15 swimmers turn up for round four of the club championships which is a great improvement from round three where we had only nine swimmers.

It was great to see new members Katja Cappadona and Simon Stiles take the plunge and swim in the club championships for the first time.  Simon also managed to set a new club record for his age group for 100m Breaststroke.

There was six PB’s swam by our Captain Jeff, Liz, Graham Hicks, Heather Jeps and Janette.  Yvonne Hunt swam outside her comfort zone by swimming 100m Backstroke and in the process set a new club record. There were three existing club records broken by Liz and Charles for the 100m Breaststroke and Graham Hicks for 100m Backstroke.

For those of us that didn’t swim PB’s or set new club records remember our motto Fitness, Friendship and Fun!  Doesn’t that make you feel better? Hope we are all up for the challenge and turn up for round five on the 2nd of July.


It is great to see that a number of us have taken up the challenge and started swimming in this year’s aerobic swims. I would like to have a special mention to Janette Edwards who has challenged herself by swimming 800m Breaststroke, 400m Freestyle and 400m Breaststroke, Katja Cappadona for swimming her first aerobic swim, by swimming 400m Breaststroke and to Jenny Findlay for swimming 800m Freestyle.

I feel as a club we all support and encourage each other and this really shines when we get together to swim in not only aerobic swims but all events the club participates in.

For those members who have only swam one aerobic swim try and finish the rest of your aerobic swims and gain points for yourself as well as the club.

Be Active Club Challenge Mandurah

With a lot of persuasion we had 18 swimmers compete in this event.  Although some of us were a little under the weather, Armadale still managed to finish 4th with a score of 145.  Well done to everyone that swam, with special mention to Simon Stiles, Katja Cappadona, Colin Gibson and Jannette Edwards for competing in their first interclub event.

Armadale also managed to pick up three raffle prizes that went to Jeff, Greg and Fettes. So overall I think we did very well.

On a personal note, I know that Fettes needed a confidence boost because he can’t deal with losing to a woman especially if her name is Gillian, so out of the goodness of my heart I thought as I swam next to him in the 100m Freestyle, this time I will let you win.

Good luck:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Graham Cragg good luck on 26th June.  Graham will be attempting a state record for 400m and 800m Breaststroke at Riverton Masters 400m/800m swim.


Spare a thought for Fettes poor wife Marie: On his return home from Saturday swimming there is no ’how are you darling?’, instead as he drives up he toots his horn, once for put the kettle on and twice to put the toast down.  See the lovely Marie when she is not working on a Saturday she makes Fettes his breakfast for when he returns home.

Up and coming events:

2nd July Club Championships round 5

24th July Masters Swimming Open Meet, SW Aquatic Centre Bunbury

30th July Club Function at Aspro Cottage, Araluen Botanic Park

31st July Leisure Park Short Course 400m/800m, Leisure Park Balga

Gillian Caruso


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